The Salad
Our signature salad made with greens, sprinkled liberally with crunchy apples, chewy moist golden raisins, thin slices of purple onions, Gorgonzola cheese crumbles and pine nuts pulled together with our own garlic vinaigrette for $4.59 or $6.59 as a meal
“Not So Boring” Salad
Organic salad greens tossed with crunchy vegetables,  with a sprinkle of Craisins, grated cheese, and almonds at $3.75 as a side or have it as a meal for $5.95
“Meat” the Salad
Fresh roasted Turkey, Lean Ham, Salami and provolone served on our “Not So Boring” Salad for a rounded meal at $7.59  Your choice of dressing.

Chili Willi                   
Hot Chili, our own recipe, with ground meat and beans and other goodies. Cup:3.69, Bowl: 5.69 or Bread Bowl: 6.95
Choose your toppings...shredded cheese, chopped onions, sour cream, jalapenos

Daily Soup Special-ask server
Could be: Vegetarian tomato, creamy broccoli or chicken noodle, etc…..
$2.79 a cup or 4.25 for a bowl.
Served with crackers.

“Chathammy Pull”
A generous serving of “pulled” warm ham piled high on a soft french roll covered with a slice of cheese (we recommend swiss or provolone).  Only 6.69  Slather with your choice of condiment (we recommend yellow mustard)
Served with pickle spear & chips
“Reuben Unruined”
The standard way for 6.69 on rye with either thinly sliced turkey or corned beef, with a slice of swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Thousand Island dressing.
Served with pickle spear & chips
“Chatham Gobbler”
A pile of hot roasted turkey served on your choice of bread, cheese, and extras served with tart cranberry sauce for 6.69 OR have it Ron’s way with stuffing and cranberry sauce right in it for 6.99
Served with a pickle spear & chips
“Hoity-Toity Tuna” *
A unique blend of tuna and seasonings creates
a salad that will make your mouth say; “Thank You”
for 6.69!  Different color, different flavor, but healthy and absolutely delicious,  We suggest this served on a soft French roll .
Served with pickle spear & chips
Make it special on fresh baked croissant  7.29
Available by the pound too!
Sandwich   *   Panini 
Whether you want it straight-up or grilled
for 6.49 we build it your way!
Fillings: Turkey Breast, Regular Chicken Salad, Corned Beef, lean Ham, Salami,
or fresh Veggies
Breads: Panini, White, Wheat, Rye or French Roll
Cheeses: American, Swiss, Provolone, Cheddar or Pepperjack
Toppings:  Organic lettuce, Tomato, Onion
Served with pickle spear & chips
(Alternative sides: Applesauce, Cole Slaw, or Cranberry Sauce)
Ron’s Favorite Chicken Salad
We blend moist fresh cooked chicken with our own mixture of dressing and some crisp red grapes and other “good things”.  We like this on a french roll (always fresh) or scooped on a bed of greens for the carb shy.  Served with pickle spear & chips  6.69
Make it special on fresh baked croissant: 7.29
Available by the pound too!
Not a Grilled Cheese *
Three different cheeses perfectly seasoned, on a generous Panini bread pressed till the bread is crispy and the cheese is “pullly” for 4.49 with applesauce on the side.  Served plain or with a slice of tomato OR add roasted red pepper and asparagus for 5.59
Hot Diggity Dog
Steamed old-fashioned frank with choice of toppings 
only 1.85 (side not included)
House relish, Chili or Sauerkraut (.25 extra)
Make it a meal for 4.49 - that’s two Dogs
with our Pinto Beans and homemade Slaw.

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All coffee is roasted locally and ground fresh daily right here.  Check for the ‘daily grind’…decaf is available

Regular ‘JO’
Coffee to go…small (12 oz) 1.50, medium (16 oz) to last your ride or walk  1.95, and for the coffee-lover, a large (20 oz) 2.25.
Cup-o-Coffee for the dining room is 1.50, includes a free refill.
Café au Lait   coffee with lots of steamed milk for 1.89 small, medium 2.49, and 2.89 for a large one.


Espresso varieties may be flavored with a variety syrups for addt’l $0.30:  We have some sugar free varieties available…just ask!


Don’t forget to visit “North Main”!  Check board for today’s flavors. 
Everyday Sundaes
Banana Split     5.95   
Brownie Sundae     1 scp;  3.99    2 scps;  4.99

The Appomattox    
***The Chathamungus***
Eat it all by yourself in one sitting and get your
picture on the “WALL OF FAME”
Eat two in a row and be on the 
Milk Shake             3.69 (3 scoops with milk)
Ice Cream Float   3.49
Espressivo Shake  vanilla, chocolate, coffee ice cream blended milk shake with espresso shot  4.25